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NEW Tea House in Seattle!

I just came back from the most relaxing and fun cup of tea I've had since my last visit to Portland, OR.

There's a new tea house in Seattle: Floating Leaves Tea in Ballard, three stores down from the corner of Market and Leary (you have to walk through a small entryway to get in). It's a hidden away little secret, and it's only been in town for two months, but boy do they know their teas!

The selection is entirely asian, mostly their own imports from Taiwan, and they specialize in Oolongs. If you like, order a pot and ask for "Chinese-style" and they will show you how to perform your own miniature Gong-Fu ceremony with all the cute little tea pots and instruments involved. It's a whole new way to enjoy tea.

We've been there twice, and both times sat for an hour and a half, pouring tea, talking, and chatting with one of the owners, who is the sweetest person. If you have any questions about Taiwanese/Chinese teas, ask her or her partner, they know quite a bit.

If you like tea, and want to see more in Seattle, go support this startup, they're wonderful and friendly, and best of all: tea.

You can ask me questions about it by posting comments, and I'll try to find out what I can.

P.S. If you're an English tea drinker like me, this is still a fun place to go, and they will give you sugar for your tea if you ask, even though it's not traditional. (Just don't order their prize-winning Oolong and then ask for sugar, they might not go that far.)
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