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Tasting notes: Tan Cuong Hoang Binh

One of Grey's co-worker observed him drinking tea during breaks and gifted him with a package of looseleaf Tan Cuong Hoang Binh tea. Googling this, I find it to be a large company processing much of Vietnam's tea exports.

I brewed it as I do all my looseleaf teas, in a stainless-steel infuser basket and a large green ceramic pot. I brought the water to the boil, waited a moment for it to cool from a rolling boil as this appeared to be green tea, and poured it over. Steeping time of five minutes yielded a golden liquor which looked fine in the cup.

Unfortunately, on taking a first sip I very nearly spat it out. The flavor was redolent of fish, somehow, and Grey and I exchanged some disbelieving speculation about whether the traditional seasoning of Vietnam, nuoc mam (fish sauce), was somehow involved.

Yuck. This stuff is perfectly dreadful and will be composted. I sincerely hope this was an accidentally picked-up flavor from shipping or packing and not the way it's supposed to taste.
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